Epic stories spanning realms, empires, lands of beauty and peril, ten thousand years of history, the battles of armies, the struggles of Light against Dark, and the destiny of brave heroes born into an age when the very powers that form and substance the world vie for dominion…


Kings of Sorcery final front cover for preview

Robert Ryan: High fantasy. High stakes. High style.


31 responses to “TALES OF ALITHORAS

  1. Con

    Is there a specific reading order of all your books that would help to amalgamate the world of alithoras?

    I want to start reading but can’t find an order anywhere!!!

    Thank you!

  2. There’s no specific reading order between any of the individual series. You could start with the first book of any series – but I would probably start with the Raithlindrath series. This was the first one published, and it serves as a good introduction to the land of Alithoras. After that, the Durlindrath and Son of Sorcery series.

    Thanks for your interest. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Kirk

    Is there or will there be a follow up to the Durlindrath series? Brand seems like a character that could go on for several more tales. I hope so as I would really like to see hiw his choice pans out.

    • There will be a follow up, for sure. Brand’s time in Cardoroth is coming to an end. Soon, he’ll return to the lands of the Duthenor to reclaim his heritage. But the usurper knows he is coming, and is taking steps to eliminate Brand as a threat. But Brand is a hard man to kill…

  4. Andi

    Some of the finest fantasy books I have ever read. I can not recommend them enough and really look forward to what comes next. Thank you.


    Hi Robert.
    I must say I really love your books…exciting stuff.I was however a bit upset at the end of Durlindrath series(hopeless romantic me).I didnt understand why Kareste up and leaves without saying goodbye..after her and Brand spend so much time together,and Brand was “Smitten”
    Is that the end of her story as I cant seem to find mention of her in any of your other books.Please put me out of my misery…
    Thanks .
    A fellow Robert..

    • Glad you enjoy the books, Robert!

      Kareste is one of my favorite characters, so I don’t think you’ve seen the last of her just yet. She’ll make a return. And she’ll have her staff back. Wherever the danger is thickest, that’s where you’ll find her. But it might take a while.

      She had a few issues though. And she was getting very close to Brand. That was the reason she left – she had to get herself right first. If she didn’t leave straightaway, she doubted she ever would. After that though, what would be would be…


        Hi Robert.
        Thanks for the quick reply…….good to hear of your plans. Kareste is a fav of mine too as you may have guessed.I kinda thought she had issues to resolve I will continue to enjoy your books and hope for more Kareste
        .All the best for your writing

  6. Cheers! FYI, the next book after the current series finishes is called “The Seventh Knight”. Just maybe, she’ll find her way back in that. We’ll see!

  7. Angela Hammonds-Jones

    So in the timeline of things, is the Lanrik series before the others? Do you have a history of Alithoras? I read the Raithlindrath series a while back. I’m starting on the Durlindrath. I am wanting some idea of a timeline is all.

    • The events in the Raithlindrath series with Lanrik occur just before the events of the Durlindrath series with Brand. Following fast on that is the Son of Sorcery series and then the Dark God rising series. There’s only a matter of a few years between events – sometimes even less.


  8. MaureenT

    I very much enjoyed the Durlindrath series. Brand became one of my all time favorite fantasy novel characters, and I was excited to see that his story was continuing in a new series in which he is the MC. I have chosen not to start the Dark God Rises Trilogy until it’s complete, but I’m now beginning to wonder how long I’m going to have to wait. Book 2 came out only four months after Book 1, but it’s now been over six months, and Book 3 is still not out. Any idea on when Book 3 will be released?

    • Ahoy – good news! Book three (and the last book of the series) has been released quite recently. Enjoy!

      • MaureenT

        Yes, I just now accidentally stumbled over it. It’s not linked to the series, so it isn’t showing up on the trilogy’s page, which is why I didn’t know it was out.

        Off I go to start reading Book 1!

      • Amazon can be slow to link books in a series up. I hope you enjoy it though. Cheers!

      • Santiago Munoz

        Will there be a new series for Brand’s adventures in the north? The epilogue makes it seem so I just wanted to ask for sure. Also the Seventh Knight is under a different Author’s name on Kindle. Is it the same world and lore? Maybe i was confused. Love your work. I started with the Dark God trilogy but will be reading your others now!

      • I’m glad you enjoy the books!

        Yes, I think I’ll return to Brand at some point in the future. He has his work cut out for him in the north, but for a while I’m moving southward. This is where the events of the Seventh Knight unfold. You’re right by the way – there’s another book called The 7th Knight. This is set in Wales, but isn’t connected to me in any way.


  9. Travis

    I have greatly enjoyed your books. I love your writing style and that the good guys are actually good instead of morally gray. Despite struggles they strong and I never have to cringe about what the “hero” has done. Thank you for your stories looming forward to more.

  10. Stuart Griffin

    Can you tell me when your next book is out……7th Knight. Enjoyed all of your books so far. And is the 7th knight a single book or part of a new series.

    • The Seventh Knight is written, and it’s book one of a new series. Book two is also written, and part of book three. The current plan is to publish them from early June…but these are difficult times and that plan may change depending on circumstances.

      • Abraham

        Hope you are doing good. Love your books.

        Is “The Seventh Knight” also delayed to June?

      • Cheers! The Seventh Knight is still set for a June release, but probably toward the end of the month.

      • Travis

        Mr. Ryan,

        I will be finishing the Kingshield series tomorrow (which by the way I have immensely enjoyed). However, I have read all of your works (more than once) and find myself looking hard for other authors who maintain noble bright standards in their work. Are there any authors you can recommend? Thank you in advance even if the answer is no.

      • I’m glad you enjoyed the Kingshield series. Book four in that series isn’t too long away. In terms of other noble bright books, there is a list on the Goodreads website (link below). I can’t vouch for how good the list is – I haven’t read many of the books (I’m too busy writing these days to read much, which is a pity). One that’s probably not on it is the Chronicles of Hawklan by Roger Taylor. It’s an old favorite of mine, but little known. There’s also The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper, which isn’t quite epic fantasy, but is very much noble bright and one of my all-time favorites.


        Hope that helps!

      • Travis

        That is great help thank you. I greatly enjoyed sage knight and can’t wait for the next one. I’m hoping Aranloth has somehow managed to survive and pops back in too. Thank you again for your response and the great stories you have written.

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