Epic stories spanning realms, empires, lands of beauty and peril, ten thousand years of history, the battles of armies, the struggles of Light against Dark, and the destiny of brave heroes born into an age when the very powers that form and substance the world vie for dominion…


Robert Ryan: High fantasy. High stakes. High style.


6 responses to “TALES OF ALITHORAS

  1. Con

    Is there a specific reading order of all your books that would help to amalgamate the world of alithoras?

    I want to start reading but can’t find an order anywhere!!!

    Thank you!

  2. There’s no specific reading order between any of the individual series. You could start with the first book of any series – but I would probably start with the Raithlindrath series. This was the first one published, and it serves as a good introduction to the land of Alithoras. After that, the Durlindrath and Son of Sorcery series.

    Thanks for your interest. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Kirk

    Is there or will there be a follow up to the Durlindrath series? Brand seems like a character that could go on for several more tales. I hope so as I would really like to see hiw his choice pans out.

    • There will be a follow up, for sure. Brand’s time in Cardoroth is coming to an end. Soon, he’ll return to the lands of the Duthenor to reclaim his heritage. But the usurper knows he is coming, and is taking steps to eliminate Brand as a threat. But Brand is a hard man to kill…

  4. Andi

    Some of the finest fantasy books I have ever read. I can not recommend them enough and really look forward to what comes next. Thank you.

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