Epic stories spanning realms, empires, lands of beauty and peril, ten thousand years of history, the battles of armies, the struggles of Light against Dark, and the destiny of brave heroes born into an age when the very powers that form and substance the world vie for dominion…



Prince of the Magic - eBookThe king to be

My name is Gilcarist. One day, they’ll make me king of Cardoroth. I’m young, and I don’t know what I want in life, but it isn’t that. I’d rather learn magic, and free the talent within me. I could use it to make the world a better place. But no one listens. So, this I swear. Before death sweeps me into oblivion, the world shall hear my voice.

The warrior who was

My name is Brand. I sit as regent on Gilcarist’s throne. I teach him how to rule, but more than that – I show him how to protect himself, for he has enemies who have hated him since before he was born. The blood in his veins makes it so.

The sorceress who would destroy them both

My name is Ginsar. Brand killed my brother. I will have retribution, and the boy Gilcarist will be the instrument of my revenge. No sorcery is too dark, no price too high. I shall destroy them both – one for what he did and one for who he is. And if I topple the world into ruin and flame with them, who shall say I am wrong?



King's Last Hope - EbookAgainst the many, the king sends one.

Brand is the youngest bodyguard to ever protect the king, but he may never grow any older. A horde of mankind’s ancient enemies lays siege to Cardoroth city. During the day, the clang of blades, the mad shrieks of the foe and the hiss of swift-flighted arrows cuts the air. At night, the sorcerous chanting begins.

Brand ignores it all. His one duty is to guard the king. But the realm teeters on the brink of destruction and the king knows that his bodyguard, touched by fate in ways that neither of them understand, is the only man with the skills to save it. He asks Brand to undertake a last-chance quest to save all that they love.

Brand accepts the mission. Soon, enemies track him across strange lands, beasts of foul magic stalk him and an emissary of evil hunts him. Amid it all, he meets a beautiful but deadly girl who aids him – for reasons of her own. She knows secrets that she will not tell, but she does reveal that more is at play than just the fate of kings and realms. Ancient forces, drenched in long-forgotten blood, seek to plunge the world into the dark. The odds pile against him, but not for nothing was he the king’s last hope.

This single volume contains the entire Durlindrath trilogy.




Renown 2nd ebook coverA marauding horde. A famed city. A lone man between them.

Can one man defy an army? Only one of the legendary Raithlin would try. But trying is not succeeding – or even surviving.

Lanrik is confident in the time-honored skills of the Raithlin scouts. He tries to slow the army long enough for a warning to reach his home city. But treachery, political intrigue and ties of loyalty test him more than the enemy.

He enacts a bold plan against overwhelming odds to protect all that he loves. But his choices lead him ever deeper into a life-changing struggle. Dark forces of sorcery and witchcraft are on the move. So too are the powers that contend with them. The conflict draws him into a quest for the safety of the whole land and toward a mysterious girl who comes to mean everything to him. Upon her the fate of all that they care about will soon rest. If their enemies don’t kill her first.



Cover Lore of the LetharnMen hunt him. Magic stalks him. A hero’s heart drives him.

Lanrik’s enemies will stop at nothing to get his legendary sword. He’ll do anything to keep them from it – until they poison Erlissa and give him an unthinkable choice.

In their hands, the sword will wreak mayhem upon the land. But without the cure they offer in exchange, the girl he loves will die. Cornered, he fights back with a daring plan. It offers hope to save Erlissa, and a chance to prevent chaos, but at a price few would pay.

He begins a quest to challenge fate itself, for it will lead him to the tombs of the Letharn – the very place where Erlissa foretold his death.



Cover Courage of the ConqueredA queen of black sorcery. A fear-quelled city. A quest into darkness.

The city of Esgallien groans beneath the Witch-queen’s iron-gripped rule. Swift rumor of dark deeds fly across the land. What once was beautiful is become a shadow-realm, and the people plead for a hero.

Drawn by loyalty stronger than dread, Lanrik returns. He seeks to learn the fate of the Raithlin who opposed the queen, and their leader, his father in all but name. More, he must discover how best to help the city. All deadly questions, for the Witch-queen brooks no opposition. Worse, she knows that he has come.

But in the midst of danger, he is not alone. Erlissa walks by his side. She commands magic of her own, and together they risk their lives for the city they love. But their quest is more important than they know. A secret waits at its end – one they could never guess – one to make even the Witch-queen tremble.



Cover Blades of the BanishedA realm at risk. A quest for hope. A prophecy of ruin.

Grim war casts a shadow across the land. Hidden armies gather in nighted valleys. Esgallien City, ruled by a false Witch-queen, lies at the mercy of its many foes.

Lanrik faces an impossible quest. Only one man has the power to overthrow the queen and ready Esgallien to fight: Aranloth, the greatest wizard of the age. But for him to do so, Lanrik must free him from the ring of sorcerers who hold him captive.

He cannot do it by himself. He dreads taking Erlissa, though she has magic to help. But he has no choice. The land’s needs outweigh his fears, and the impossible never stopped him before.

He sets out to save all that he loves, but the words of a long-dead king haunt him. Nothing lasts forever. Not men, nor chiefs . . . nor even cities.

This is the final book of the Raithlindrath series.


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6 responses to “TALES OF ALITHORAS

  1. Con

    Is there a specific reading order of all your books that would help to amalgamate the world of alithoras?

    I want to start reading but can’t find an order anywhere!!!

    Thank you!

  2. There’s no specific reading order between any of the individual series. You could start with the first book of any series – but I would probably start with the Raithlindrath series. This was the first one published, and it serves as a good introduction to the land of Alithoras. After that, the Durlindrath and Son of Sorcery series.

    Thanks for your interest. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Kirk

    Is there or will there be a follow up to the Durlindrath series? Brand seems like a character that could go on for several more tales. I hope so as I would really like to see hiw his choice pans out.

    • There will be a follow up, for sure. Brand’s time in Cardoroth is coming to an end. Soon, he’ll return to the lands of the Duthenor to reclaim his heritage. But the usurper knows he is coming, and is taking steps to eliminate Brand as a threat. But Brand is a hard man to kill…

  4. Andi

    Some of the finest fantasy books I have ever read. I can not recommend them enough and really look forward to what comes next. Thank you.

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